Patient Testimonials

“Personally, it has helped me in every facet, physically and emotionally. Age Management has really changed my life. I can get up every day and do my job. I am transformed into a much healthier person.”

Chad N, Concierge Client

“Working with Age Management has made a difference in my life, making me feel like myself again. Everyone here takes time with you. You can’t find what they do here anywhere else.”

Heather H, Concierge Coordinator

“Working with Age Management has changed my life forever, beyond good.”

Chavanna K, Patient

I am truly blessed to have found Dr. William Lee. I had been searching for a doctor who practiced in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for 10+ years. Through Suzanne Somers and Forever Health I found Dr. Lee. Show MoreWhen I asked Forever Health what was the difference between a doctor connected with them and another Bioidentical doctor…there reply was that they had been thoroughly vetted, board certified and covered by insurance. I was elated to find that He was also a board certified Gynecologist/Obstetrician. He could bring the BEST of both worlds together…for me. He is highly qualified and respected in this field.
As I was narrowing my list of possibilities, I went to Dr. Lee’s website and watched his videos and I was convinced he was the doctor for me. My Mother’s side has Alzheimer’s and high cholesterol and my Father’s side Colon Cancer. He made mention of those in his video and how with bioidentical hormones and supplements, etc. I could cut those risks dramatically.
I have been in his care now since September of 2017 (5 months). In this short time I already have more energy, sleep better (all through the night), not tired in the afternoon, stronger and have a good feeling about where I am and where I am going in regards to my health!
I cannot even begin to speak of his qualifications, his care, his expertise and knowledge in the field of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy! I look forward to many years of better health under Dr. Lee’s care!

Denise R
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