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  • We can determine genetic vulnerabilities

  • Through biomarker analysis, we determine what supplement protocol is best

  • We address inflammation and glycation with supplements vs. medication

  • AMMD only offers the purest supplements

  • We work with the best resources in selecting what best supplements to issue


• This program is for your convenience so that you will not run out of your supplements. The prescribed supplements are identified on the attached order form.
• It is important to maintain compliance with your supplement program to address the metabolic issues discovered by your provider in your lab work.

• It is not required that you enroll in this program.
• You can change your order, skip a month, or stop this program any time you wish by notifying Age Management MD by telephone at least 1 week prior to your ship date.

• This program is free of charge for Standard Shipping with Xymogen orders of $49 or more. Shipping and handling fee is otherwise $9.95 with an additional $3.50 for refrigerated items.
• This program is free of charge for Standard Shipping within the U.S. for Vital Nutrient orders of $79 or more.

• A 5% discount is offered on the first order when you enroll in the Auto Refill Program.
• Concierge members will receive their typical 20% discount as part of the Concierge Program.

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