We are specialists; this is what we do ~ we empower you toward a positive aging experience; we don’t dictate, we educate; we help you put the pieces together for your unique puzzle.
 We incorporate a modern scientific approach utilizing the latest research in peer reviewed journals
 We interpret tests using optimal lab biomarkers rather than conventional norms (which are based on sick people)
 Conducting and monitoring tests that most doctors do not, including:
o Body composition
o Carotid artery test
o Advanced cholesterol and lipid test
o Inflammation and glycation markers
 Dosages of bioidentical hormones are individualized based on your body’s absorption and metabolism, and they match the correct molecular structure of the hormones your own body produces.

Understanding the Process

The first step in designing a wellness plan and prescribing hormone therapy is to have your blood drawn. Time is devoted to establishing measurements on a number of indicators of
biological aging through blood tests.

This is important for two reasons:

 We believe it is essential to fully understand your state of health, prior to embarking on any hormone-modulating program and other protocol needed.

 By establishing a baseline, we are able to track your progress objectively.

The blood tests present a remarkably complete picture of your current state of health and vitality, whether you are menopausal or andropausal.

Once we have this complete picture, you will have an appointment with the doctor to discuss goals and design a wellness plan that is unique to your needs.