The practice of Age Management Medicine is preventative, integrative and functional medicine all in one.  It is unique because the Provider will go beyond the typical band-aid approach of treating symptoms by drilling down to the root cause.  Treating the cause is often curative, and also stops the symptoms.  We address nutrition, exercise, stress management, and total hormonal balance.  This takes much more time than a conventional hurried 5-10 minute visit with your doctor.  And, it is far more comprehensive and educational.  Our goal is to uncover your metabolic weaknesses. We always measure your levels of inflammation, oxidation (free radical damage), glycation (too much sugar), and poor methylation (toxicity issues and more).  These are precedents to the chronic degenerative diseases of aging:  heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, dementia, and joint disease. We stabilize vulnerabilities using pharmaceutical grade supplements, and when appropriate, prescribe bioidentical hormones.  This is a new way of treating people and improving their quality of life.  It is also beginning a revolution called Personalized Lifestyle Medicine, which is at the cutting edge of medicine.
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