We look at various important markers of health like inflammation, oxidation, glycation (too much sugar), and poor methylation. All of these individually or together reveal more accurately and reliably an increased risk of heart disease.
This so vitally important because heart disease is “silent”, and it is the #1 cause of death of women (and men). We evaluate one’s status with far greater testing than your PCP: advanced cholesterol testing (10 things tested rather than just 4), Seca body composition analysis, Carotid Ultrasound which reveals actual plaque and “plaque load” in both coronary blood vessels and in brain blood vessels. Do you realize that 85% of the things that kill us are preventable? For men, age 40, and women, age 50 ~ these ages are when hormones begin declining, and plaque begins. Are you willing to bet your life on the inadequate evaluation done by the typical conventional doctor?